Seeking attractive total returns from revenue and price appreciation, maximizing return on investment for customers while leveraging risk management techniques to ensure investment risk is minimized.

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Long History

Central Wealth Group Holdings Limited was listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange on March 15, 1994. It is a long history Hong Kong listed company with a steady operation and is deeply recognized by the Hong Kong securities regulatory agency.


CWAM will manage assets listed globally across all assets classes with a predominantly Asian focus and with a specific focus on Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong.

Diversified Services

Comprehensive financial services such as securities brokerage, securities underwriting, margin financing, securities research, asset management (private fund establishment and management), structured products, futures options, etc.

Client First

Provide customers with new, high-quality and safe financial services through professional and efficient business capabilities.

Research Team

Long-term continuous tracking of domestic and overseas macroeconomic and industrial sectors, combined with the fundamental information of the target company obtained from the investment banking business unit for the first time.

Quality Investment Team

With rich experience in international investment management, excellent investment performance, and proficient in various investment products and services.

Risk Control

Central Wealth Asset Management has established a risk management process from comprehensive management, investment research, investment transactions, personnel management, and compliance management, established a comprehensive risk management system, and established an independent risk management department to pass professional risks. Management supervision assists the investment team in achieving risk management objectives and escorting investment decisions.