Asset Management

At present, our products are mainly fixed-income private funds. Relying on the Chinese economy's take-off and focusing on the Chinese bond market, CWAM combines top-down macroeconomic assessments with rigorous bottom-up fundamental analysis to capture attractive total returns from the revenue and price appreciation through diversified portfolios. CWAM strives to achieve maximum investment returns for clients, and using a variety of risk management techniques to ensure that investment risks are kept to a minimum.

Investment Grade Bond Product

It mainly invests in investment grade US dollar bonds including China, Hong Kong, etc., and can be allocated globally according to investor’s demand.

High Yield Bond Product

It mainly investing in high yield US dollar bonds including China, Hong Kong.

Short-term Bond Product

It mainly investing in short-term US dollar bonds to meet the higher liquidity needs of investors.

Fixed Income Products

It mainly investing in fixed income targets with an agreed period interval to meet investors' allocation requirements for the term.

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