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Securities investment has certain risks. According to the provisions of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Ordinance and other relevant laws and regulations, fund investors should be professional investors with strong risk identification, assessment and affordability. Please confirm that you or the institution you represent is a “professional investor” and will comply with applicable regulations.

The information and data contained on this website are for reference only and do not constitute an advertisement or sales offer, or advice to buy any securities, funds or other investment vehicles. Investors should carefully review the contract documents of relevant financial products to understand their risk factors, or seek advice from professional investment consultants. The net value of fund products may fluctuate significantly and may fall sharply in a short period of time, causing investors to lose some or all of the investment amount. You should ensure that the investment products are suitable for your needs. If in doubt, please consult a professional analyst or investment adviser and ask them to confirm that the investment product is suitable and meets your investment objectives.

There is a change in the price and earnings of investment products, and past product performance data does not predict its future performance. Investors should not rely on the data provided on this website to make investment decisions, otherwise investors will bear all risks.

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