Corporate Culture

Corporate Vision

Focusing on clients, we will establish a large, complete and efficient financial service platform to provide new, high-quality and secure financial services to clients in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and the whole world. We will strive to be a leading, distinctive, risk-controlled and sustainable financial services group.

Corporate Mission

Serve Clients

We are client-centered, committed to improve our client service capabilities and service quality to provide clients with new, high-quality and secure financial services, to create value.

Reward Shareholders

To live up to shareholders' trust and confidence, we will strengthen management and continuously improve the efficiency and the value of our company to provide our shareholders with a satisfactory, sustainable return, ensure the maximization and sustainability of shareholder value.

Help Employees Achieve Success

We respect our employees, cultivate and encourage them, enhance their self-motivation and inspire their potential. We help and motivate employees to achieve their self-worth, enable them to make the best use of their talents and enjoy their job.

Give Back to The Society

While enjoying social resources, we give back to the society with a grateful heart and accumulate positive energy for social development. We take the social responsibility initiatively, comply with laws and regulations, implement national policies, pay attention to vulnerable groups in society, and participate in social charity, to promote social progress and social harmony.

Core Values


We are willing to try different ways to serve our clients. We are proactive, bold and innovative, flexible, visionary and insightful.


We strive for perfection, clear goals and excellent performance. We are forward-thinking and responsible.


We are loyal to our clients and always give top priority to their interests. Our honest and transparent business philosophy is trusted by our clients.

Management Philosophy

Client First

Adhere to the client-centric, know the needs of clients, think about what they think, offer what they want, and worry what they worry. Provide clients with new, high-quality and safe financial services through professional and efficient business capabilities.

Efficiency First

Take efficiency as the life of the company, break through the limitations of thinking by rational allocation of capital, manpower, technology, time and other resources, emphasize coordination and cooperation, continuously improve efficiency and client satisfaction, establish market competitive advantage.

Coordination Development

Take group strategic synergy as core competitiveness, play the resources advantages of the group's multi-platform, product line and customer base by business synergy, management synergy and service synergy. Through coordinated pace, overall promotion and team management, improve service capabilities and quality comprehensively, fully provide our clients with high quality financial services in the full value chain.

Pursuit of Excellence

Take the spirit of pursuing excellence as the driving force, as the source of strength for companies to create high quality financial brands. In the process of times changing, advance with the times, develop and innovate, dare to think and do, strive to be the forerunner of the industry.

Service Philosophy

Every client is a door that guides us to connect with the market. Every service is a window to show our market image.

We will always adhere to the principle of customer-centric, pay attention to clients, put ourselves in the clients' position so we can understand and help them. We will guarantee our service quality regardless of the scale of clients, and never give up on any clients. We will always consider client satisfaction as the main standard for our services, strive for excellence and be dedicated to providing clients with comprehensive, professional and top quality financial services.